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Welcome to the Farkas Duffett Research Group.

We are experts at conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews, opinion surveys, and program evaluations. That's what we do.

We approach our work with honesty, creative intelligence, pragmatism, and great curiosity. That's what defines our work.

People sometimes ask, ″What′s your business model?″ Virtually all of our work stems from repeat business or referrals from clients who have known us for years. They entrust us with researching the ideas and programs they care about. We earn that trust every time we start and end a project. That′s our business model.

If you need research, we′ll work with you to design a tailor-made study that:

    • Captures the fears, values, and hopes that drive people′s views
    • Finds out what people really want
    • Anticipates areas of resistance, inertia, and backlash
    • Suggests ways to engage constituencies

Our goal is to conduct research that matters. That′s what we care about.

What's New

To see what parents in Idaho have to say about virtual learning during Covid-19, click here (funded by the J. A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation).

The FDR Group partnered with the Center for Responsible Lending to learn about Colorado residents' experiences with payday loans (click here) and Floridians' experiences with student loans to attend for-profit colleges (click here).

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute commissioned the FDR Group to find out what public school teachers think about teaching English Language Arts--click here to see the full report and here to read a Washington Post piece about it.

For The New York Times story "Writers Say They Feel Censored by Surveillance," based on FDR Group research on behalf of PEN America, click here.

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