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The FDR Group Difference

We have a stellar track record of conducting successful attitudinal research over numerous studies with clients from a broad ideological spectrum. We are effective because:

    • We′re adept at both qualitative & quantitative research methods. Each technique has its strengths. We know how to choose the right technique at the right time.
    • We′re pros at getting to the heart of the research story. We won′t do a data dump and report every small detail; nor will we only tell you what you′d like to hear.
    • We′re great translators. We tweak our work to speak to the needs of a reporter covering a story, a professional responding to a presentation, a policymaker designing legislation, or Joe Q. Public trying to make sense of an issue.
    • No one will pay closer attention to your work. The questions you care about become the questions we care about. All of the research is personally conducted by the two partners—Steve Farkas and Ann Duffett. 
    • We design each project from scratch. We do not produce conveyor belt research—though our work builds upon what we and others have learned in the past, every study is unique.
    • There′s no end to the number of topics that interest us. Much of our work is in public education, but we′ve taken on the economy, substance abuse, open-source software, peace, health care, and tolerance on college campuses. 
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