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New York, NY 10009

What We Do

We′re a full-service opinion research company that uses the tools of public opinion research to help (mainly) nonprofits succeed with their programmatic, strategic planning, and communications efforts. Our expertise is in focus groups, in-depth interviews, surveys, program evaluations, and research design.

Focus groups and in-person interviews. 
Qualitative research that draws candid reactions from the people whose thinking you′d like to understand. Insights from focus groups and in-person interviews will help:
  • Identify areas of opportunity and backlash
  • Develop original, groundbreaking surveys
  • Design effective communication strategies and messages
Nonpartisan surveys that influence the policy debate with thought-provoking findings that resonate with policymakers & the press and answer questions such as:

  • What do people really want?
  • Where are stakeholders confused or conflicted?
  • What fears, values, and hopes drive constituents' views?
Program evaluations. 
In-depth analyses of programmatic activities and outcomes that:

  • Fine-tune programs and document outcomes
  • Provide level-headed, honest reporting of the views of leaders, staff, and constituents
  • Engage key stakeholders
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