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Why Research Matters

At the FDR Group, we believe that research matters because—done correctly—it provides both strategic and practical knowledge.

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Strategic knowledge.
Initiatives and reforms have a far better chance of success when they tap people′s values. Opinion research can help new initiatives find their natural constituencies.

The FDR Group can help your organization:
  • Focus its agenda
  • Communicate effectively
  • Anticipate areas of opportunity and resistance
  • Avoid unnecessary battles
Practical knowledge.
Opinion research is a tool that can help anticipate roadblocks and plan strategy—before you invest time, money, and human resources. People sometimes resist change because it contradicts their experience, so if you understand their take on what works and what doesn′t, you′ll gain invaluable insights.

The FDR Group can advance your initiatives by helping you:
  • Accurately gauge receptivity to proposed solutions
  • Understand the origins and intensity of people's concerns
  • Anticipate turf wars and organizational resistance

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