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What People Say

If you want quality survey research done in the United States today—creative, careful, conclusive—you should hasten to the FDR door. I′ve worked with this team for fifteen years and there′s no issue on which they can′t find a sound way to take (and record, analyze and interpret) the pulse of the general public or a key constituency within it.

Chester E. Finn, Jr., Thomas B. Fordham Institute

The Kettering Foundation has had the pleasure to work with the FDR Group for many years. They excel in conducting focus group research, and they have been instrumental in analyzing the results of deliberative forums, such as those on economic security. Their research methodology is reliable, and their analysis is insightful.

David Mathews, Kettering Foundation

Education is filled with organizations that will tell you what they think. There are precious few that are able and eager to learn what parents, students, and educators think, and that have the backbone to report those without fear or favor.  When it comes to that work, the FDR Group may not be in a class by itself, but it sure doesn′t take long to call the roll.  I′ve had the privilege of working with FDR on numerous occasions, and have persistently been impressed by their thoughtfulness, grit, and desire to be sure they′ve got it right—and then their willingness to puncture orthodoxy when it′s called for.

Frederick M. Hess, American Enterprise Institute


Will Friedman, Public Agenda

I′ve worked with Steve for 20 years, and with Ann for almost that long, and their work only gets better and better. Creative, professional, flexible, responsive, they are a pleasure to work with and consistently produce top-notch results.

From the start, I was impressed by the FDR Group′s unique combination of practical knowledge and professional expertise. They not only pay close attention to methodology and are committed to producing unbiased research, but they also really understand the issues and are able to engage in analysis that is much deeper and more thoughtful than other survey research groups I′ve worked with. As a team, Ann and Steve have always been willing to go the extra mile and have consistently produced timely and excellent research. They are truly a pleasure to work with!

Elena Silva, New America

Ann is not only a whiz at market research, she′s an excellent project manager and communicator. I highly recommend her.

Sarah Durham, Big Duck

We have had the opportunity to work with the FDR Group for three years and over a range of projects and project types. Their versatility, expertise and field experience have provided invaluable insights. It has been a treat to work with such a competent and engaging crew. We count them as one of our very best partners in our work.

Tony Klemmer, NAATE Program & The Center for Better Schools

The FDR Group is a highly professional and creative research organization. They were an enormous asset: real partners and  a pleasure to work with.  I recommend them highly.


Marcella Rosen, Campus Tolerance

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